LuMilona is the holding company for the Collaboration Junkie and Dave Plunkett brands, and a number of 3rd parties who we represent to help deliver their own partnership strategies.
Everything we do centres around forming lasting relationships that offer mutual benefit and exceptional service to all those involved.

Our founder Dave named the company after his two children (Luna and Milo, in case you were wondering). That’s because you don’t serve anyone with as much passion and dedication as you do your own children. And we believe in taking that same level of commitment into your relationships with your stakeholders.

We picked a seahorse to be part of our logo because we believe in partnerships that last. And we also felt the business world needs more natural elements as an inspiration in business, rather than traditional war and conflict – do or die. Kill or be killed. There’s enough for all of us, so let’s collaborate not compete, win not fight, and all grow together while we nurture all our relationships.

We understand growing pains.

When your organisation grows, it presents new challenges. A bit like when your family grows, as Dave found out when Milo was born. Your time, pressure and focus become split and whilst it’s wonderful to see your horizons expand, things change significantly and you have to be careful you don’t end up neglecting anyone.

Partnerships are a proven model for expanding reach, service, scope and lead provision.

One of our brands would love to help you implement this

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