Imagine if you were able to double down on your engagement and retention activities, whilst barely lifting a finger. Imagine transforming primarily transactional relationships into something more meaningful, personal and valuable that would stand the test of time. What could that do for the financial health and stability of your organisation?

With over 20 years of experience in business membership and customer engagement, LuMilona is the most qualified agency in the UK to support you in delivering an exceptional and engaging experience for the people who matter most to your ongoing success. And we can do it without taking up much of your valuable time and resources.

Member engagement

We provide best-in-class retention and engagement support to membership and trade associations, so they can focus on growth.

Customer engagement

We help a diverse range of firms to develop meaningful and profitable long term relationships with their customers.

SME market access

We provide fresh audiences to grow demand for market-leading products and services who offer scalable delivery in the SME space.

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